Status Report

Posted on July 4, 2010 by Raffi

I’m currently about halfway through my internship on the OptiX software team and I’m very much enjoying the work. I’m learning quite a bit about advanced graphics algorithms and the concepts that allow them to execute efficiently on a GPU. In particular, thinking at the level of optimizing read/write throughput or reducing individual arithmetic operations has certainly broadened my understanding about how to make ray tracing quicker.

If you want to see OptiX in action, I’d suggest starting with NVIDIA Design Garage, which uses OptiX as the ray tracing backend for rendering a variety of cars and scenes (like the image on the right). You can download the programĀ from this page but you’ll need a pretty beefy video card to run it.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, then just download the OptiX SDK and start playing with it! There are a number of tutorials and samples to help you get started, and the 2.0 release is right around the corner, bringing wider hardware support, more flexibility, and better performance.